April 26, 2011

Easter Sunday

We celebrated Easter this year by eating lots of delicious food and hanging out with our families.

We went to the Leppard's house with all the Preos for lunch and enjoyed the nice weather while it lasted playing soccer, it is not a family gathering without a pick up game of some sort.

This is the only picture I took all day sadly. Dasha and I showed up in almost the same exact outfit. Same cardigan, grey shirt, dark jeans, and grey Toms. I guess this is how you roll when your names are masha and dasha .

After lunch we went over to the Mulcocks for Dinner, an Easter egg hunt with the kids, and some basketball. I wish I would have taken some pictures of the little kids searching for eggs they are all so adorable.

I might be going through slight withdrawals without these around all the time. They are hands down my favorite Easter candy.

I added them to my favorite chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and they were delicious.


Dasha said...

Ha. I heart our twinner outfits. I can't believe Dema actually thought you were me. What a winner. And looking at your pictures of cadbury eggs and those delicious cookies is seriously making my mouth water. I don't think I got my fill of cadbury eggs this year.

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