June 13, 2011


I have been trying to get Matt to read Harry Potter pretty much since we started dating. Well he is finally doing it and it makes me so happy!

Watching him reading it every night makes me so jealous that he is experiencing it for the first time. I am trying to get him to finish by July 14 so he will come to the last Harry Potter Party  with me. Right now he is on book four and I am pretty sure he is going to finish in time.    

June 7, 2011

Getting Dirty

Last Saturday Matt and I did The Dirty Dash up in Midway. We had so much fun!

We were on a team with the Mulcock siblings and a few friends. My siblings were in heat behind us and we waited for them to go through the last few mud pits together.

the whole team while we are still recognizable

the giant mud pits at the end

The whole team after we crossed the finish line. I have never been that dirty in my life, but it was so worth it!

On our way home we went to lunch at one of our favorite places, High Mountain Drugstore. We have been craving it ever since we were there last time .

(Don't mind the fact that I still look like a dirt ball in this picture.)
Can't wait to do it again next year!
June 2, 2011


These are a few of the recipes that are at the top of my "I want to make this" list

Picture of Roasted Shrimp and Orzo Recipe 


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