March 29, 2011

Mini Spring Break

Last weekend we went to St. George and Vegas for a little spring break trip with Dasha and Butch. We had such a nice relaxing weekend that mostly consisted of sleeping in, eating, adventures in Vegas, enjoying some warm weather, swimming, and not using my camera for the most part.


Butch playing casino war (yes it is the same game you played when you were 8 years old). I wish I would have gotten a picture of the two awesome drunk guys that were playing at the table with him.

Getting ready to ride the New York New York roller coaster.

Another highlight from this trip was watching these two videos. Matt and I had never seen them before and we were dying. We probably watched both of them at least 8 times. Just as a warning this terrible song will probably be stuck in your head all day after you watch it, but it is totally worth it.

After spring break I am always officially ready for Summer to be here. After a little bit of warm weather I am ready for it to stick around and I lose any motivation I once had with school. So Summer please hurry and get here I am so done with this so called Spring weather.  
March 21, 2011


This last week basketball has been our main form of entertainment.
We went to a Jazz game on Wednesday with Steph and Fulton and it was a blast.

Apparently I missed the memo on Jazz jerseys and beanies. Thanks for the invite and the awesome seats Fannie!

I love the fact that anything can happen in this tournament. There have been so many great games so far and our brackets still have a chance which makes things even more exciting. We can't wait for games to start again on Thursday!
March 13, 2011

Thai Dinner

Matt and I both love Thai food and we have been trying to not eat out on week days so I decided to try and make some of our favorite Thai food at home. ekamai is pretty much a staple of ours and so I tried to replicate their yellow curry and their mango sticky rice which are our favorites there.

The curry was super simple. I went down to the Asian market and got some awesome yellow curry paste and coconut milk and then simply added chicken, onions, potatoes, carrots, bell peppers, and some other seasonings. I didn't really use a recipe but just kind of messed around with it and it turned out pretty good!

For dessert I made coconut sticky rice with mango. I think it actually turned out pretty similar to the one we always get at Ekamai and was not hard at all to make.

Abby and Matt were great taste testers and luckily the food turned out pretty well for my first time trying to make either of these things and both with no real recipe.

March 11, 2011

Wedding Album

We got our wedding album today from our photographer Elise and I absolutely love it! She did such a great job with our wedding and we had so much fun working with her.  

You can see pictures of the album here (ours is the first one). I love the packing, it was like a late wedding present!

March 9, 2011

Hair Rut

I have been bored to tears with my hair lately, it's pretty much up in a bun everyday. I was so excited when I found these fun new inspirations here. Now if only they are as easy as they say they are because I struggle when it comes to doing hair.

Three Twisted Buns

Messy Side Pony

This one looks fun for church or something more dressy but probably way too difficult for me! 

 found here

March 7, 2011

Dream vs Reality

Right now I am dreaming of relaxing somewhere warm. Any of these places would be great.


Lake Powell



Sadly this is my reality. A blizzard outside my window at work.

 I am definitely ready for summer!
March 6, 2011

Wedding Weekend

Matt's little sister Ali got married on Friday. It was the last Mulcock wedding and it was so much fun!

Ali and Jeff are perfect together and we could not be happier for them!

March 2, 2011

add it to the list

After completing the pillow sewing project it inspired me to add another project to the ever growing list, making my own skirt  

I found this tutorial for this skirt which I love.

And a tutorial for this skirt which is a little more simple, but I don't like the elastic waist band as much. It does have pockets though which I absolutely love!

It can't be that hard right? My minimal sewing skills might be in for a treat. You never know unless you try though, wish me luck!

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