March 9, 2011

Hair Rut

I have been bored to tears with my hair lately, it's pretty much up in a bun everyday. I was so excited when I found these fun new inspirations here. Now if only they are as easy as they say they are because I struggle when it comes to doing hair.

Three Twisted Buns

Messy Side Pony

This one looks fun for church or something more dressy but probably way too difficult for me! 

 found here


Andrea Smith said...

Are you trying to grow your hair out? These do look fun!

Anonymous said...

I could not for the life of me get the simply ponytail to look good, but tried the three buns and it was super easy! Hope you find one that works for you. :)

Dasha said...

I think I would look like a straight up winner if I attempted any of these. My hair rut just makes me want to shave my head. Oh and I covet that girl's pretty red hair.

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