September 27, 2011

Goodbye Summer... Hello Fall

Goodbye Boating...
hello hiking in the changing leaves.
Goodbye suntans and flip flops... hello boots and scarves
Goodbye eating pizza made on the grill under the twinkle lights...

(bbq chicken and a recreation of cafe Trio's BLT pizza)
hello soup and slow cooker dinners.
Goodbye fairs and carnivals...
hello football season!
Goodbye campfires up the canyon...
(smores made with coconut marshmallows and almond toffee symphony bars are amazing!)
hello wonderful Fall holidays and pumpkin treats!
We are sad that Summer is over, but excited to enjoy Fall!  
September 21, 2011

State Fair

Matt and I had never been to the State Fair so we decided we had to experience it this year and we had a great time there with our friends Tony and Lauren.

We had a great time eating way too much food, people watching, being super creeped out by little Linda, and almost throwing up on rides. Excited to go again next year!

September 19, 2011

Lake Powell

We have been so lucky this Summer to go to one of our favorite places so much. We took a trip with my family, two trips with Matt's family and one with my sisters and some of our friends. I am terrible with my using my camera in Lake Powell so I don't have very many pictures of any of these trips but here are a few of the pictures I did take on our last trip.

September 1, 2011

Sister Ivory

Abby and I have been best friends since 7th grade and yesterday was the last time I will see her for 18 months! She is going to be such an amazing missionary and the people in Italy are so lucky to have her.

It's going to be a hard year and half without her!

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