December 19, 2010

Finally Over

What better way to celebrate the end of finals than a ridiculous amount of tacos from Lone Star Taqueria, their fish and steak tacos are amazing!

Now that school is done we are really enjoying Christmas time and taking advantage of all our time together.
December 12, 2010

Tinsel Town

Christmas villages are much more fun than just making a gingerbread house from a kit, especially when you use the elementary method of graham crackers and milk cartons (thank you Matt for insisting we do this).

Welcome to Tinsel Town 


yes that is a cinnamon santa coming down the chimney!

This was probably one of the most fun Christmas activities ever!

December 10, 2010

lint is a shell's best friend

The other day Matt and I were debating about what we would name our hypothetical dogs. We won't be getting them for a long time, Matt wishes we were getting one tomorrow.

Luckily this video, which is probably one of our all time favorites ended our disagreement.


One day we are going to get two dogs named Marcel and Allen, Matt is really excited about it!
December 6, 2010


Here are a few things that are making me happy lately

Pretty much anything to do with Christmas 

 our first Christmas tree

decorating our condo

Winter Garland 14.5 oz Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works
this awesome candle

An amazing Monday night game watching the Patriots murder the Jets and the fact that they are now 10-2

In less than two more weeks we will be done with finals and only 1 semester away from graduation!
December 3, 2010

Some Day

Some day I will have the time, energy, and materials to make one of these

using this and this tutorial

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