February 28, 2011

Projects and Porcupines

This week I finally finished the chair that went with the desk I refinished clear back in September. I painted both the desk and chair about six months ago but I had not been able to find a fabric I loved to recover the chair cushion until a few weeks ago. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but six months later I had to just be done with it.

This desk was from Matt's old room and had been through him and two older brothers. I didn't take very good before pictures but here they are.  

I didn't even take any of the chair but it looked pretty similar with a stained cream fabric seat.  

Here are the after pictures. The lighting is not the best in our condo, it makes it hard to see what the color really looks like.

Here are the afters

A few weeks ago Dasha and I made some new covers for our throw pillows. They were super easy, I am not very comfortable with a sewing machine and I felt pretty good about it.

We used this tutorial, but pretty much it was just trial and error. Surprisingly cutting the fabric was by far the hardest part, probably because I can't cut a straight line to save my life.

I made the two chevron and the yellow one but the white one we had before. I love how they turned out and we made 6 pillow covers for only 25 dollars!

If you are wondering if I made a porcupine pillow or something, sadly I didn't. However my dad, Matt and I went to this awesome bakery this weekend called Gourmandise. Their dessert selection is amazing!

They have a chocolate porcupine that is delicious and adorable!
February 22, 2011

Perfect Blue Bird Day

To celebrate President's Day this year we took advantage of having no work by enjoying the amazing skiing. As it snowed all day on Sunday we decided we would brave the crowds and head up even though we try to avoid going up on holidays and Saturdays becuase we try to stay away from waiting in lines. When we called snow report that night and realized they had recieved 35 inches of snow we decided to do something crazy, wake up at 6 and get up to Snowbird super early. For any of you who know me I really don't like waking up early in the morning, getting out of bed is probably the hardest part of my day. However, this sacrifice was definately worth the reward!

This was the parking lot when we got there at 7: 45 in the morning. We were the third car in the parking lot.

Since the lifts don't open until 9 we relaxed in the truck and listened to music while we waited.

 We got in line at about 8:45 and anxiously waited for them to let us on.
We were about the 15th chair up when we finally got on and I wish I would have taken some pictures of the first fresh lines we did, but I was just too giddy to think about anything but the skiing. 

I finally remembered to use my camera a few runs later. 

My dad is almost 60 and still kicks my butt everytime we going skiing. I don't think he has ever been more proud than when we called him at 6:30 and told him we were on our way up. He goes up to snowbird around 5 AM at least a few days a week. He has taught me my love for skiing and I am forever grateful to him for that.  

After skiing we went to Lone Star Taqueria for some delicious burrito, maybe the best I have ever had, or it may just be because everything tastes better after skiing.

Thanks Dash, Matt and Dad for a wonderful day together!
February 19, 2011

I found this on a friends blog and thought it was hilarious.
February 15, 2011

Celebrating Valentines Day!

I am so lucky to have a valentine that I am head over heels for! He is the best husband and I can't believe how lucky I am every day.  Here are a few things that we did to celebrate this wonderful holiday!

We started a little early by enjoying an amazing ski day up at Snowbird on Saturday joined by Matt's friend Zach. It was so warm and we had a great time cruising the groomers!

I made these delicious red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting.

On Sunday night we got together with some friends and had a great time creating a "fortress of love", essentially a valentines gingerbread house. We had so much fun with tinsel town we couldn't wait til christmas to do it again. This activity really brought back memories of building valentine boxes in Elementary, that's probably why it was so much fun!

Yes that is a drawbridge over a jell-o moat and...
it really works! amazing
the building crew

Monday we both had work and then both had to wake up super early on Tuesday so we had a mellow night enjoying chipotle, watched "The Last of the Mohicans", and just enjoyed relaxing together.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentines Day!
February 13, 2011

Gnomeo & Juliet

I am obsessed with gnomes and I have been for a long time. So when there was a movie coming out starring all gnomes I had to see it! This weekend Matt and I along with Steph and Fulton went to see it on opening night with the 8 other 10 year olds in the theater.

The plethora of gnomes definitely did not disappoint. It did make my gnome collection, which consists of Sven and Gustav, feel a little inadequate. So if you really love gnomes like me and my friend Steph then this movie is for you!
February 7, 2011

curling, burgers, football

This weekend was so much fun, I just wish it could have lasted longer.

On Friday we went on an awesome group date with some friends where we learned how to curl (you know the olympic sport that involves brooms and looks like shuffle board on ice). It was so much fun we had a two hour session where we learned how to play and then played a few games.  

 right on the button

the whole crew

On Saturday we went to a condo in Midway for the night. On our way we made a detour for lunch in Kamas at a place with the most amazing burgers and shakes. 

This may just look like a little old drug store but they have won best burger in Utah 2 years in a row and it definitely wins best burger ever in my book.  

Their shakes were also incredible
  raspberry pretzel shake
 sticky bun
 chocolate cream pie
almond joy- the favorite!

If you ever find yourself in Kamas you have to stop there

We relaxed the rest of the night, played games, and went swimming

 Grandfather Butch

4 games straight of trains

On Sunday we went over the Mulcocks to watch the super bowl and eat lots of food. I forgot my camera so we don't have any pictures. I can't believe the football season is over Sundays without it are going to be hard.

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