February 28, 2011

Projects and Porcupines

This week I finally finished the chair that went with the desk I refinished clear back in September. I painted both the desk and chair about six months ago but I had not been able to find a fabric I loved to recover the chair cushion until a few weeks ago. It wasn't exactly what I had in mind, but six months later I had to just be done with it.

This desk was from Matt's old room and had been through him and two older brothers. I didn't take very good before pictures but here they are.  

I didn't even take any of the chair but it looked pretty similar with a stained cream fabric seat.  

Here are the after pictures. The lighting is not the best in our condo, it makes it hard to see what the color really looks like.

Here are the afters

A few weeks ago Dasha and I made some new covers for our throw pillows. They were super easy, I am not very comfortable with a sewing machine and I felt pretty good about it.

We used this tutorial, but pretty much it was just trial and error. Surprisingly cutting the fabric was by far the hardest part, probably because I can't cut a straight line to save my life.

I made the two chevron and the yellow one but the white one we had before. I love how they turned out and we made 6 pillow covers for only 25 dollars!

If you are wondering if I made a porcupine pillow or something, sadly I didn't. However my dad, Matt and I went to this awesome bakery this weekend called Gourmandise. Their dessert selection is amazing!

They have a chocolate porcupine that is delicious and adorable!


Andrea Smith said...

Impressive Masha! You'll have to help me if I ever find a project like these to do!

mandy said...

i love your pillows and that chevron fabric is adorable!

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