February 7, 2011

curling, burgers, football

This weekend was so much fun, I just wish it could have lasted longer.

On Friday we went on an awesome group date with some friends where we learned how to curl (you know the olympic sport that involves brooms and looks like shuffle board on ice). It was so much fun we had a two hour session where we learned how to play and then played a few games.  

 right on the button

the whole crew

On Saturday we went to a condo in Midway for the night. On our way we made a detour for lunch in Kamas at a place with the most amazing burgers and shakes. 

This may just look like a little old drug store but they have won best burger in Utah 2 years in a row and it definitely wins best burger ever in my book.  

Their shakes were also incredible
  raspberry pretzel shake
 sticky bun
 chocolate cream pie
almond joy- the favorite!

If you ever find yourself in Kamas you have to stop there

We relaxed the rest of the night, played games, and went swimming

 Grandfather Butch

4 games straight of trains

On Sunday we went over the Mulcocks to watch the super bowl and eat lots of food. I forgot my camera so we don't have any pictures. I can't believe the football season is over Sundays without it are going to be hard.


Dasha said...

Wow, that pic of Smeegs with the raspberry shake is classic. And I could really go for another Almond Joy one. We should make a little road trip soon.

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