October 10, 2011


Gunther is the newest member of our little Mulcock family! Dasha and Butch came to Sunday dinner with his brother Riggins and we fell in love with him. After finding out more about rat terriers we really fell in love with him and decided to look into getting one of Riggins' brothers. Matt LOVES dogs and he has been missing his golden retriever since he left his parents house so he was really excited to find a smaller breed of dog that he liked.

It is so much fun watching these little brothers play together.

We brought him with us to the Olympus football game to cheer on Smeegs.

He is seriously one of the most cuddly dogs ever he will sleep like this for hours.

He is so much fun and are loving this new adventure!

Fall Weekend

Last weekend (this post was started last Monday) Matt and I had a great Saturday taking advantage of our time together. On Friday Matt spent the whole night studying for his test to get his real estate license so I left him alone with Chipotle and gummy bears while I spent the night hanging out with some friends.

On Saturday morning he passed his test and we celebrated by going on a beautiful hike up Millcreek canyon with Bear.

After our hike we went to the Utah football game with Adam and Natalie. Sadly that game didn't end like we had hoped but it was still fun to go and cheer on the Utes.

The last half of the game was pretty rough but going to in-n-out and drowning our sorrows in a good burger definitely helped raise our spirits. Fall is so great I can't wait keep enjoying our weekends!

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