November 24, 2010

Starting Christmas Early

All the snow lately has inspired me to break out the Christmas music a little early this year. I usually wait til the day after Thanksgiving but I couldn't help myself. Here are two of my favorite Christmas albums. I love all the classics but I love these two albums because they are classics or new songs done by some of my favorite artists.

find it here

This one is my favorite
find it here

and this awesome single I just came across


November 22, 2010

A night at Hogwarts

So I am a serious Harry Potter nerd and I am lucky enough to have friends who are just as nerdy as me. We have dressed up and gone out at midnight to get almost every book, and when those were done we did the same for the movies. I am trying to convert Matt to becoming an HP addict however I have only managed to get him to read books 1 and 2. With the first part of the 7th movie coming out this is one of our last midnight dress up opportunities left. Luckily my friends Lauren and Abby along with Abby's amazing family decided to make the most of it and had an amazing party before the movie. This was a serious HP night 60 people were invited and everyone had to RSVP their character so there were no duplicates and to make sure we had all the necessary characters there. Everyone was sorted when they got there and sat at their assigned tables in the great hall.

 The Great Hall

 House Points

There were so many amazing costumes
George, Young Harry, Mad Eye, and Fred

Bellatrix, George, Fred, and Hermione

The amazing family that made all this possible
Tonks, Luna Lovegood, Rita Skeeter, McGonagall, and Young Harry

These were just a few of the awesome people that were there. To see more pictures you can go to my friend Lauren's blog.

After the party we rented out a theatre and went to see the 7th movie. I have never really loved the movies, they just can't measure up to the books but this one was actually really good. All in all it was one of the best nights ever! I am looking forward to July 31st for the next time we have a night like this!

November 12, 2010


Husband and I started P90X on Monday. Dear old uncle Tony (the freakishly ripped and annoying instructor) has been giving us quite the workout. It has been good so far unless you are the person who lives below us, in that case you probably want to kill us.
November 9, 2010

Wedding Pictures

Here are a few pictures from our wedding. Our computer still doesn't want to read the discs from our photographer but you can see more here on her blog. I loved our photographer! She was so much fun to work with and did an amazing job with our engagements, bridals, wedding dinner, and wedding day. I loved getting to know her and her husband and would recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer. 

November 4, 2010

October Is Over...

October seemed like it went by so quickly, but it was a great month! Here are a few highlights.

An amazing trip to Lake Powell trip with Matt's family

Lots of waterskiing and wakeboarding

Hiking and enjoying the fall foilage

 Carving pumpkins (mine is the ghost and Matt's is the witch)

Caramel Apples and X-files with Dasha and Butch

Dressing up
(Matt's bear costume from when he was 8)

Anna is the cutest gnome ever!

Utah game and homemade doughnuts on Halloween at the Knaphus's

Then caramel apples and horror movies at our condo in our pathetic lumberjack and redneck costumes


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