February 3, 2011

Goodbye January

January is one those months that is just always a little depressing. Christmas is over and there are no holidays coming soon. However we found some ways to have fun and enjoy this dreary month. Here are some of our ups and downs of January.

Taking down our Christmas decorations was so depressing our condo felt so empty. That is probably why I put it off until about 3 weeks into January.


Paying our last full semester's tuition. I HATE PAYING FOR SCHOOL! I thought this would be my last semester, but after an unfortunate turn of events I found out I now have to take two classes in the summer. Luckily Matt and I both only have to take 2 online classes so for the most part it is over.

I love the winter, but I am really tired of the bitter cold and not being able to ski very much is really just making me ready for winter to end and spring to get here quickly.

The NFL playoffs are one of our favorite sporting events. Sadly this year the Eagles and The Patriots both lost in the first round... it was two rough Sundays in a row.

I got to go to a Jazz game with Abby and we found our new favorite Thai restaurant Ekamai which has become a staple!

We also celebrated Abby's 22nd birthday, technically it is Feb. 1st but we had some early celebrations.

We went to dinner at the Dodo with the girls before the surprise party. 

 Love you beth beth!

Best friends since 7th grade, couldn't imagine anyone better, she is amazing!

the amazing 22 layer cake at party #2


Abby said...

MASH!! I am in love with this blog post... you are the best!!! Thanks for everything on my Birthday! Loved skiing with you guyz yesterday too! Tiger tail = heaven on earth!

Matt and Masha said...

I know that run was amazing! Loved celebrating your birthday coming to earth day with you!

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