January 25, 2011

new favorite dinner

We just discovered our new favorite dinner... homemade pizza. After a ten hour day at school I came home craving BBQ chicken pizza so I decided I should try and make it. Although it may not be the most healthy it is delicious and pretty quick.

I used this recipe for the dough from my sister's food blog. It was really easy and then I pretty much just did whatever sounded good for toppings.

BBQ Chicken Pizza, the key is the Gouda cheese with the mozzarella and fresh cilantro.

The other one we made had pesto sauce with mozzarella, goat cheese, mushrooms and spinach.

Pizza, diet coke, and dr. mario was exactly what I needed after a long day at school.


Dasha said...

Ooh the pesto one looks delish. My wants some.

Jane Garner said...

this looks so good!!

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