January 5, 2011

Christmas Festivities

I absolutely love Christmas! Here are a few things we did to enjoy the holiday season.
We went to see the lights down at temple square with my family and then went to our condo for hot chocolate and treats.

 Smeegs with his imaginary significant other

she is so adorable!

We also enjoyed some great Christmas parties with friends and family this year. Sadly I didn't do a very good job documenting with pictures.

I went to a party with the DG girls at Brecken and Lauren's condo. So much fun to see all of them!

The Schnieder's annual Christmas party is always one of our favorites. Every year there is a theme with a gingerbread house contest and a song. Sadly we didn't win this year but it is always such a good time I wish I remembered to bring the camera.

Jake and Sahar had a great dinner party and a cookie exchange at their house with a few of Matt's friends from highschool.

We also attended the Ivory's Japanese themed Christmas party. They go all out, Japanese food, everyone wears Japanese clothing and this year we wrote haiku. At the end of the party you vote on what country will be the theme for the next year. I am so excited for India next Christmas! 

I wish I would have taken more pictures! In case you can't tell Abby is a panda and I am dressed in my dad's old karate gear.

We have also enjoyed lots of time spent with family, as many christmas movies as we can get our hands on, christmas treats and lots of christmas music. It has been so fun having our own place and starting our traditions together! 



Dasha said...

Yay for Christmas. I miss it already. Also, Abby's panda costume is hilarious.

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