March 21, 2011


This last week basketball has been our main form of entertainment.
We went to a Jazz game on Wednesday with Steph and Fulton and it was a blast.

Apparently I missed the memo on Jazz jerseys and beanies. Thanks for the invite and the awesome seats Fannie!

I love the fact that anything can happen in this tournament. There have been so many great games so far and our brackets still have a chance which makes things even more exciting. We can't wait for games to start again on Thursday!


Dasha said...

You forgot to mention the Preo 3 on 3 game this Sunday. If that wasn't basketball as entertainment I don't know what is.

Also does Fulton have a Fesenko jersey? I don't even know the kid but I like him already. I wish Fannie was my friend so I could get hooked up with some sweet Jazz seats.

Matt and Masha said...

I can't believe I forgot to add our family b ball game becuase that was most definately entertaining.

Steph said...

such a legit night! we need to get you a jersey, smash. d-will's are 70 percent offffff!!!!!

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