May 2, 2011

Favorite Cinderella Story

Matt and I watched Brady 6 the other night, it is a documentary about Tom Brady and the 6 quarterbacks that were taken before him in the NFL draft. His story is absolutely amazing.

This was the part of the show when he was got all choked up about his parents and his worries about not being taken in the draft. So tender.

I love Tom even more now! Matt who hates the Patriots with a passion (it's a strain on our relationship) says he hates Tom Brady less which is a huge step for him to admit. I think he secretly likes him but he will not admit it. If you like sports documentaries, or great stories about attractive athletes you should definitely watch this.


Dasha said...

I need to see this pronto. Although can the man please cut his damn hair already? Geez.

Matt and Masha said...

You do it is awesome! Smeegs made a good point about his hair it makes him kinda look like Tim Riggins which makes it a little better

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