May 5, 2011


Last Thursday was the first meeting of our new book club with some DG friends.

This was our first book

It is a story about child traffiking in Nepal and a man's experience with trying to help all the orphaned children. I was a little skeptical after reading the back, but I really enjoyed it. It was a very genuine and inspiring story. It made me want to do more with my life and help people.

Brecken chose the book and organized the evening. We went to dinner at Himalayan Kitchen to try some of the food they talked about in the book.

It was such a fun night! I love all these girls and love knowing that we will be getting together every month.  Thanks for making this book club happen Chloee !


Jane Garner said...

loved it! can't wait for our next one! b&b for life!!! p.s. let's go to farr's soon. i NEEEED to try it.

Matt and Masha said...

We seriously need to go I am going to call you to set up a farr's date!

brooke & jake said...

um ok i want to be in DG book club!!

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