May 18, 2011


Here are a few things that are making me happy right now

-Finals/Our last full semester of school are over! Only two more online classes and I am done with my Bachelor's degree!

- Last weekend we went to Lake Powell with the Preo family. We had perfect weather no wind and sunny skies pretty much the whole trip. Pictures to come later I didn't have my camera so I will have to wait until someone else uploads some.

We probably listened to this song 50 plus times on this trip. It is one of the best dance songs ever. Even at 2 in the morning with Dash, Smeegs and I squished in the back seat we could not help but have a dance party. I don't know who could not be happy after listening to it. The video is pretty awesome too although it does make me sad an African team did not win the World Cup.

 - Coming home from Lake Powell was hard, but the fact that we are going back in ten days with the Mulcocks and the Schnieders definitely makes it easier!

- The news that one of these will be in fashion place mall in the fall makes me very happy!

-This is our book club book for May, I am almost done and loving it. Tina Fey is hilarious.

- Enjoying a rainy morning with husband eating pancakes with delicious coconut syrup


Dasha said...

We really need to take our boating dance parties up a notch by learning to shake our booties like Shakira. She is amazing. And is it weird that I kind of get a little teary eyed watching that video? I have issues.
I just got an email from the library today saying that Bossypants is on hold for me and I am so very happy about it.

Matt and Masha said...

It is ok I started crying one time watching sportscenter nbd, also anything involving africa makes me strangely emotional

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