October 27, 2010

Matt's Birthday Weekend

This last weekend Husband turned 24. We had a great time celebrating and hanging out together. Friday was Matt's actual birthday so I made him a big breakfast ( I was planning on surprising him and having breakfast in bed but he decided to not take a break from his 6 am gym routine, he doesn't understand brithdays). After work we decided to go to Happa Grill to celebrate and get two of our favorite things for dinner.

Sushi and Burgers... delicious

We came home and enjoyed Matt's unfortunate looking but delicious cake.
I am so lucky to have the best husband ever, he really is amazing!

For part of Matt's present I got tickets to the game on Saturday so we continued the celebration by going to lunch and then going the game.
It was a little rainy, but still so much fun.

 Dasha and Butch joined us for the second half.

After the game I let Matt enjoy playing some of his new XBOX games while I went to girls night.
Pumpkin carving, sugar cookies, Hocus Pocus, DC and chit chatting makes for a great girls night

 I seriously love these girls!

Sunday was exactly the day I have been craving. It rained all day and we took advantage of it by watching football, 
 making these pumpkin chocolate chip cookiesI have been craving,

and celebrating with Matt's family.

Happy birthday husband loved celebrating with you!


Dasha said...

Oh wow Butch and I look like true winners in that pic. The game was a lot of fun though. Glad you have joined the world of blogging :)

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